Two Seasons: Cold and Freezing

He stepped out into the cool, fall morning and shivered. Frost covered the city, making everything too cold to touch. Chunks of ice broke free from the handle as he lifted it and pulled open the door on his little frozen car,

He slid the key in the ignition and gave it a crank, the car came to life quickly as it always did and Hunter sat for a few moments, shivering, building up the courage to step outside and scrape the ice, and frost from the windows.

Switching on the radio he heard yet another ad encouraging him to add fruit to his cereal. BALLS!! He thought, Why should I ruin the taste of my delicious cereal with some filthy fruit?

Hunter reached up and adjusted the oversized rear view mirror and took a look at his dark reflection. He ran his hand through blond, scruffy hair then over three days beard growth and chuckled to himself.

Another day of looking California, and feeling Minnesota.

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