The Hangover Cure

The alarm tore through his consciousness, blasting him into the land of the living with the overly loud voices of the local sports talk radio morning show. J.C. Hunter swung wildly at the clock radio, striking a glancing blow on the snooze button that was enough to shut it down for another nine minutes.

He sat up dizzy, his head aching, vision fuzzy, mouth dry, fingers tingling, and all over stinking like a drunken pirate.

Thursday night Hunter and his buddies hit the pubs, drinking rum and yo-ho-hoing like the buccaneers they all fancied themselves to be. They talked at length about how they were gonna quit their jobs, leave it all behind, buy a boat and live like pirates until the world died. It was a good dream, and one they often spoke of on a Thursday, or ThARRRsday as Hunter and his droogs called it when they went out for their weekly rum fix.

Hunter stood and nearly fell over. Maybe this morning he would call work and take a “personal” day, he thought and fell back into bed.


Prepare To Be Reviewed

2 Disc Special Edition

The quick turnover from theater to DVD was a little unexpected, but not unwelcome for this summer blockbuster directed by Michael Bay.

The DVD is available three ways; a single disc bare bones edition, a two disc Special Edition, and a single disc HD-DVD release. The HD-DVD contains all the extras of the Two Disc edition as well as an exclusive text commentary, and some 3-D interactive renderings of the robots from the flick.

The video transfer is sharp, and the 5.1 Dolby Digital audio is as booming as you would expect from a Michael Bay flick. The commentary is surprisingly good considering how fucking insufferably arrogant Bay has been on past commentaries (The Island anyone?). Bay actually sounds (slightly) humble at times, when talking about how he should have done certain things better, and minces no words about how lame he thought The Allspark turned out.

The second disc is chock full of featurettes and documentaries and an amusing Easter Egg for those who like that sort of thing, and I do.

Okay enough of the praise, on with the dirty. Where are the deleted scenes that Bay mentions in the commentary and the featurettes? No where that’s where!

The Best Buy Exclusive set that I bought includes a 32-page booklet that’s full of pics you probably have already seen on the Internet and elsewhere, and a Hasbro Titanium Series Die Cast Figurine. According to the box there are four different figs available, and I pulled Optimus Prime.

The Flick remains a Three out of Five and the DVD extras rate a Four out of Five.

Final word? It’s a Buy.

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