Baked Badz

As much as Hunter was a full-on Grinch when it came to celebrating X-mas, he was a sucker for the delicious “baked bads” that always showed up by the hundreds in the lunchroom at work.

On the last Thursday before “Holiday Shut-Down,” Hunter found himself strolling about the building, continuously moving. Like the Great White Shark, he felt that to stop at this point would be to invite death.

It was only a little after 11:00 in the morning, the hunger for lunch came over him early that day, and his only hope for survival (or so he felt) was to get on into the lunchroom and check for high calorie snack items.

Hunter shoved the doors open, starling the three fellow X-mas snack scavengers crowded around the big table inside.

“Hey,” one of the drones called out, “Sally brought in some Christmas baking!”

Hunter nodded and circled the table to see that indeed, there was an all new pile of baked goodies including (but not limited to) Nanaimo Bars, Short Bread Cookies, and moist, delicious, Two-Bite Brownies. He tore a strip of paper-towel from the roll and grabbed one of each of the various cookies, bars and goodies, as well as a Double Choco doughnut left over from the case he brought in that morning.

Before exiting the lunchroom, Hunter snagged one last item, and feeling like a rebel, took the Two-Bite Brownie into his grill, crushing it in one mighty bite before returning to his desk with his pilfered, pre-lunch feast.

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