The End, Beautiful Friend...

Greetings from the offices of chilledmonkeybrainz,

It’s been one tough year “broadcasting” from the basement of the Pickled Pirate Pub and my ass is tired beyond belief.

So without further ado, I hereby declare this as the LAST post of the year from chilledmonkeybrainz (that’s BRAINZ with a ZED!).

And it might just be the LAST POST EVER by our crack group of writers, and artists here as well. Tough economic times have touched us all in North America in the past year and it seems we may not be able to keep the office open, pay staff, and pay the bills anymore.

So, thanks to our three readers for their support since 2002, and we hope to continue in the New Year, but if we do not, Good Night and Good Luck!

Sincerely Yours,

The Jaeger: Executive Producer, Editor, Reviews
J.C. Hunter: Fiction and Literature, Artwork
Sally Kharwache: Photography
Dan Buffet: Contributor

Johnny Twinkle: Bass
Reiko Murakami: Research

And the rest of the staff here at chilledmonkeybrainz.


Rally For Canada!

I encourage all freedom loving Canadians to get out to the Pro -Democracy rallies in your home towns on Saturday December 6, 2K8.

For more info check this site: http://www.rallyforcanada.ca/


Coup d'etat

This is freaking enough! I have to shake my head now that some smug group of arrogant Liberals, socialist NDP, and Separatist Bloc members, a cabal of political losers, who are nothing more than partisan opportunists and power grubbers are in the midst of committing a coup d’├ętat!

There is no commonality between the Liberals, the Socialist NDP, or the Separatist Bloc Quebecois, except for their individual lust to steal taxpayer’s money and to take and retain power at any cost. They are not doing this because it is best for Canada and Canadians; they are doing it out of greed and sour grapes.

These scum that have been meeting in secret, and conniving to overthrow the Democratically elected government of Canada are nothing more than traitors and should be dealt with in the harshest possible way.

I encourage all freedom loving Canadians who believe in democracy to take up arms in the form of the only weapon we have in this country, the right to vote, and show this cabal of losers that we will not tolerate sedition in this country.

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