Water World

So it’s close to the end of week one of my four week “water-world health experiment.” I decided to drink nothing but WATER in place of my usual AMPs and Red Bulls and coffee in an (perhaps foolish) attempt to flush the impurities out of my biological system.

I’m not certain if it counts as the absolute worst decision I ever made in my life, but it’s got to be pretty damn close. I’ve never felt so tired and run down as I have this past week. I suppose I just never realized how much I depended on that good mornin’ jolt of caffeine and other delicious nutrients supplied by my energy drinks and the extra kick in the pants that mid-morning coffee gave me.

Every night this week around eight-thirty I began feeling as if the gravity well of the Earth was sucking me down to the molten core, the very life essence being sucked clean out of me. I would begin to feel aches and pains that made me just want to crawl into bed, as well as a miserable headache that would come and go seemingly at random. It’s true what they say; the detox is worse than the addiction!

Oh, hideous misery!

I don’t know how long I can keep this up, but I hope to make it the whole four weeks! I need me AMPs and Red Bulls and to a lesser extent, me coffee! Help me! Think “energizing” thoughts for me, as I appear to need all the help I can get if I am to survive the next three weeks!

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