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Day 1

May 23, 2k7

The initial approach in to LAX was a little dicey as a police chopper off the starboard side of the aircraft forced us to peel off and give it another try. It wouldn’t be a trip to the states without a little drama I suppose…

After picking up my bag at the carousel, I find myself on the SuperShuttle™ flying down the freeway towards downtown LA, chatting with a pair of Star Wars fans from Denver. The Shuttle was packed with Fanboys (and girls) who have arrived for the same reason I have; Star Wars Celebration IV.

I gazed in silent wonder at the palm trees (my favorite kind of the trees), and the vines growing on the freeway retaining walls before coming to my senses. This is got to be my fifth or sixth time down here, and still I stare? I shook it off and enjoyed the rest of the ride to the hotel.

Checking in was a breeze and I found myself not hating Los Angeles so far… but the trip was still in it’s infancy, there was still plenty of time for this town to show it’s true colors as I know them.

After dropping my crap off in the room I did what I always do upon arrival in a different town: I sat down in front of the hotel for a few minutes and watched the people, observed them, the way they walked, their mannerisms. The best way to go unnoticed is to act like everyone else…right as I was standing up to walk, the shuttle to the convention center had arrived.

I picked up my badge at the Will Call, bought a FanClub membership, grabbed my bag o’ swag and wandered about the convention hall for a bit trying to get my bearings, breathing deeply, knowing that the real line ups start tomorrow!

To be Continued…

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