Of the Days Annoyances...

- The Nashville Predators are an “elite” team in the NHL.

- Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell. Geeze Mr. Loaf, if hell was so boring, why the return trip?

- Edmonton Oilers and Oilerfan. Nice MULLET!

- Al Gore. Do you really think you can convince people living in a part of the country that has NINE MONTHS of cold weather a year that global warming is anything more than specious science and a scam to sell DVD’s?

- Shakira isn’t my girlfriend

- The

- People suing fast food companies because they are fat, lazy fucks that think big corporations owe them because they are fat, lazy fucks! Grab a salad fatty!!!!

- The NBA. Has there ever been a professional sports league with more thugs, gangsters, and arrogant assholes than this? The answer is NO.

- Poker on
Sportsnet HD. Poker in High Definition? When there is a hockey game on the low def channel? Are you fucking kidding me? Since I’m going on about non-sports let toss these two out there: Golf and Curling*. I constantly hear people refer to these two GAMES as “sports.” They are NOT SPORTS! Any games you can play while drinking, like golf and curling, are just that: GAMES. I can sit around on my ASS and play video games for hours and drink while doing it, therefore gaming is not a sport. Get it?

* By the way, Scottish blokes who wanted something to keep busy at while drinking invented both Golf and Curling.


Lupin The Great said...

If you think the Oilers fans suck, you should try having Raiders fans nearby. Let me paint the picture for you.

-Usually a low life thug from Oakland.
-Swears constantly.
-Tends to drive Camaro's, 300s or the new Charger or a shitty truck.
-Has his hat on backwards if white, dressed ghetto gangster if black.
-You can usually hear them on the freeway before you see them because of the bass vibrating their windows.
-Drinks Bud Lite.

The Raider Nation can kiss my ass.

Manganic said...

I wonder what Jaeger has to say about Cricket?

We play that particular sport while drinking; yet atheletic ability is a definite must...

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