Mon Reve

Another night, another dream, this time of Cassie-chan. My love form way back in ’92-’93. The “twirly-girl” with the fabulous golden ringlets that still to this day drive crazy.

In the dream she contacts me and wants to meet up at some bar she used to frequent.

Vki and I wait at the bar for a while and order food. After a while it looks like Cassie-chan isn’t going to show then Vki goes to the ladies and Cassie shows up. She looks mostly the same, a little thicker perhaps (aren’t we all), and the hair is a little darker for sure but those thick ringlets are just as soft, just as luxurious as I remember. I run my hand through the hair in greeting and its silkiness almost kills me.

I’m different of course; I look like Jaeger of 1993 in that weird residual self-image that dreams are famous for.

Cassie-chan and I get along wonderfully; she tells me she is single (it’s a dream after all). She mistakes some random fat chick for Vki and starts talking to her, then is so embarrassed that she flees to the kitchen and hides under a table. I get her out with my smooth talkin’ (I’m so fucking suave) and give her a hard, deep kiss to boot.

Back at the table Vki is back from the loo and a blond surfer choad is all over her. He leaves when I show up then strange things start to happen.

The back of the Pub collapses and out back is a post Ice age world where Cassie-chan could be queen if only she would just take charge and from here the fog rolls in and I’m ripped into wakefulness by the alarm

Strange thing about this dream is its reality. It felt so real, even down to the pre-history ending with its spongy ground, cave men and hairy mastodons.

Waking from a dream when you know it’s a dream one has a happy feeling of satisfaction, it’s almost a pleasure to get up after such dreams. This morning I woke in a funk and tried twice with two swipes of the Snooze button to regain some fragment of the dream with it’s almost hyper-reality. Jerked back awake twice more I realized I’ll never get the realistic unreality of the Cassie-chan reve back so I dragged myself from the bed and stumbled to the can for my morning ablutions.


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