Shite That Bugs Jaeger

-Calling a "pylon" a "cone." A cone is something you eat ice cream in.

-Calling "mayonaise" "man-aise." What the fuck is wrong with you people? Can you not see there is a "y" and an "o" in that word?

-Truckers that almost kill Jaeger on the road because they don't know what a fucking YEILD sign means.

-People that refer to themselves in the third person - oh, wait, forget this one...

-Working a shitty low paying job and suffering as I wait for a dozen publishers to tell me how much they hate my work while all my friends are getting HUGE paycheques in the amount of a small lottery every fortnight while doing work that they love and at the same time bitching about how tough their life is.

-The fucking Liberal Government trying to slime it's way out of yet another scam they pulled on the taxpayer.

-That Jaeger has to think of things to write down on this list because there is so little wrong in his life right now.

-When people who can afford to buy cool shit for themselves have stuff given to them for free. Come on! Jaeger needs cool shit too! Pass that shit over this way! Wheeee!

-They way time slows to a crawl between 9am and 11am every morning.

-The Canadian Press calling Avril Levine a "DIVA" and a "pop sensation" when in reality she's an entirely mediocre artist at best.



Lupin The Great said...

- People who slow down to 3 miles an hour, and then go real wide to turn right. Like you really need to set up for that perfect line while nailing that puppy at 5 miles an hour.

- People who drive UNDER the speed limit.

- The freaking insane conservatives running the US and the lies that spill from their mouths. What ever happened to finding Osama?

- Blind patriotism. It's huge here.

- Pop up ads and slow web pages.

- Walmart, KMart and the rest of those shitty stores that sell poorly made cheap garbage.

the list could go on, but time to get to work...

Manganic said...

- People who believe they have a right to something for nothing.

- People who are rude to you for no readily explained reason.

- Marvin, the Paranoid Android

- British Columbia.

No, actually, I take that last one back.

- British ColumbIANS.

That's better.

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