Work Time WTF!

Who does this? I know that I work with some filthy bastards, don’t we all? But who the hell is the grubby bastard that thinks its cool to spit gum into the urinal?

What exactly is wrong with you if you engage in this sort of behaviour, really what kind of douche thinks so little of others that while taking a pish they figure; why not just spit my tasteless gum into the urinal too?

You d-bagerinos know who you are, so maybe you should try to keep this in mind the next time the urge relieve yourself of your gum comes in the middle your relieving yourself: some poor minimum wage cleaner is going to have to fish that stinky, rubbery, piss-nugget out of there at the end of the day!


Urinal image from www.urinal.net/

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