Worktime WTF?!?

Who does this?

Working in an office has its perks; free coffee, internet, comfy chairs, and occasionally someone will bring in deliciously tasty treats like boxes of doughnuts or sausage rolls.

After the initial stampede of workers, stomping and elbowing their way to the free food as if they hadn’t eaten in a fortnight, there comes the inevitable lull and as the morning begins to wear on, the number of treats diminishes until the moment arrives when There Can Be Only One item left on the table.

So tell me who the hell is the psycho that ALWAYS chooses to eat like half a doughnut, or who takes one bite from a sausage roll, then puts it back on the table??? Honestly if you want to eat it, then JUST EAT THE FRIGGING THING!

If you don’t think you can finish an entire item then here are your choices:

1. Leave the item the fuck alone.

2. Throw out the rest of the food item after you have partially consumed it. Why? Because if I see food sitting anywhere, all sad and half-eaten like, looking pathetic in a dusting of it’s own crumbs, you bet your ass it is going in the trash.

What the hell is wrong with you people anyway?

This is not the end, not by a long shot!

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Danpersand said...

Drawn to snack items of a singular nature, the Urban Noshgoblin has been known to leave it's trademark one-bite calling card in baked goods, vietnamese spring rolls, various pastry-wrapped meats, and the occasional remnants of a foot-long party sub. It's more familiar cousin - the common Reticulated Fucktard - puts empty jars back in the fridge, sticks it's finger in Jello before it sets, and goes under the sink in the middle of the night to pile garbage on an already overflowing can.

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