Flood 2005

We had some rain on and off here in and around the Calgary area for the last two weeks so naturally there were floods.

Southern Alberta is really little more than a desert so any rain that lasts longer than a week causes havoc with the river system, and since there is no convenient ocean for all the water to drain into, it has to go somewhere.

A flood like this happens once every hundred years or so and causes the devastation you can see on the TV and in newspapers.

1500 people in the downtown communities of Mission, Elbow Park, Erlton, Rideau, Roxboro, Stanley Park, Victoria Park, and Riverdale were forced to evacuate their homes late last night as the city declared a State of Emergency.

Portions of Elbow Drive, MacLeod Trail were under water, as well as the Mission Bridge and the 25th Ave bridge. In Okotoks and High River, huge sections of the towns are under water. The dollar value of the damage to nearby homes and businesses has not been calculated yet but is surely to be in the high millions.

To all of those who volunteered their time and energy towards helping the victims of this natural disaster; THANK YOU.

I also have a little piece of advice for all you fucking yahoos from different parts of town that are getting in your cars and driving downtown just to take stupid pictures of the devastation: STAY THE FUCK HOME!

You vultures are what is wrong with human kind. If you are not here to volunteer to help those who need it, then get the fuck home and stay there!

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem so stop being part of the fucking problem you insensitive, scumbag, tourist, fuckholes.

Have a Nice Day.


Lupin The Great said...

Theres a big flood? First I've heard of it. The networks down here must not have been able to put an America First slant onto it to make it newsworthy.

Lupin The Great said...

We're also still going nuts over Jacko-o's acquittal. The natives are all a-twittering.

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