My Boring-ass Life

You axed for them, you got them: It’s a Jaeger and VKI Grrl monthly update!

Taking a tip from Lupin The Great’s site, I give all you lucky people out there not living in the land of BRAINZ and MONKEYS an update, a tiny “peek” if you will, into our boring-ass lives!

Christ Jesus it’s COLD! It started snowing in fucking September, and has been snowing on and off (mostly ON) ever since. And it’s still snowing as I type this! No sakura blossoms for me, just COLD, and GREYNESS, and MISERY.

Anyway, on with the “update.” Bought a dual station smoothie machine for VKI for White Day and am enjoying the “fruits” (heh) of her smoothie making labor. It’s like having a Jugo Juice or a Booster Juice or whatever the hell that place is called in the states, in our flat! We even got some of those special vitamin, and protein, and Chinese herbal powders to go in the drinks to make us strong like ox and as sly as a canary.

Only 64 more days before my vacation! Remember to get those days off that we discussed McBain! Don’t fail me! You’re my only hope!

That’s all for this month, GOOD NIGHT NOW!


Lupin The Great said...

It's called Jamba Juice. :)

I MUST have one of those machines now !

I like that your going to do an update on your life now and then seeing as how you never say anything in email if it takes more then 256 characters. :D

I'll take some days off, but the schedule for our current project is very aggressive so I can't take the whole week off.

Oh yeah, just so you know... It's hot and sunny here.

Manganic said...

Don't you just love global warming?

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