Obama Is GOD!!!!!!

Yesterday the Toronto Illiterati and the Ottawa Press Gallery were buzzing, vibrating, and creaming themselves with joyous anticipation of their Lord God Barack Hussein Obama’s visit to Canada, presumably because in Liberal Central Canada the general consensus is that President Obama is the Savior of the world, and quite possibly the Universe.

These are the very same socialists that whines incessantly about how Canada was becoming “too friendly” with the United States during their last administration. Of course now these same folks are saying we “must be closer” with the USA because it is their skewed perception that the current Canadian government isn’t nearly as far up Obama’s ass as they could be.

Guess what guys, it’s the SAME COUNTRY! Trade, Foreign Policies, all these things the Liberal Media bitched, and moaned about before, all those so-called reasons they used to consistently bash the United States and her people are still there, except now there is a New Guy in charge.

I wonder what has changed exactly. Barack Obama is not some Magical Deity who is going to wave a wand, say some magical words, and suddenly make all the trouble in the world go away. He, like George W. Bush before him is just a man. A man who will do what he feels is in the best interest of his country and himself. He is a politician with not a lot of experience, but a politician none the less.

So maybe the Liberal Media should get down off their soap boxes for a while because apparently the air is a bit too thin up there these days.

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