Coup d'etat

This is freaking enough! I have to shake my head now that some smug group of arrogant Liberals, socialist NDP, and Separatist Bloc members, a cabal of political losers, who are nothing more than partisan opportunists and power grubbers are in the midst of committing a coup d’├ętat!

There is no commonality between the Liberals, the Socialist NDP, or the Separatist Bloc Quebecois, except for their individual lust to steal taxpayer’s money and to take and retain power at any cost. They are not doing this because it is best for Canada and Canadians; they are doing it out of greed and sour grapes.

These scum that have been meeting in secret, and conniving to overthrow the Democratically elected government of Canada are nothing more than traitors and should be dealt with in the harshest possible way.

I encourage all freedom loving Canadians who believe in democracy to take up arms in the form of the only weapon we have in this country, the right to vote, and show this cabal of losers that we will not tolerate sedition in this country.


Emma said...

"Coup d'etat" as defined by Websters: : a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics ; especially : the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group

From the Encyclopedia Britannica:
the sudden, violent overthrow of an existing government by a small group. The chief prerequisite for a coup is control of all or part of the armed forces, the police, and other military elements

From Dictionary.com:
a sudden and decisive action in politics, esp. one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force

This is neither illegal nor unconstitutional nor immoral or undemocratic.

The army hasn't been called in, no one is being held at gun point, there are no armed stand offs at parliment hill.

Harper is more than willing to enter into coalitions when the mood strikes him, and he's more than willing to make deals with the bloc when the mood strikes him. Why is it suddenly all "illegal" or "illegitimate" to do it when it's against him? Answer: it's not, he's just that arrogant.

The thing that binds the NDP, the Liberals and the Bloc together is Harper. If he resigns they'll have no reason to form a coalition.

And as 62% didn't vote for the conservatives how is it democratic to have them in power?

Would it not make more sense to have a cooperative goverment working together for the betterment of the country? Harper should have done that instead of pissing off the people he needed to woo.

The Jaeger said...

Okay, here we go again. This was NOTHING more than an attempted POWER GRAB by the losers of the election if this was reversed, and it was reversed, and a bunch of crybabies from the west were trying to usurp Jean Cretien or some other beloved central canadian socialist, you would be saying the same thing... please.
The whole idea of overturning the results a democratic election just because the liberals suffered their most crushing defeat in the history of the party fills me with disgust. The fact that it is "OK" with so many people that the votes that went to the conservatives should just be thrown out the window and ignored fills me with a creeping dread for the future of this once great country.

The Jaeger said...

"Harper is more than willing to enter into coalitions when the mood strikes him, and he's more than willing to make deals with the bloc when the mood strikes him."

Harper had NEVER made a deal with the Bloc.

"The thing that binds the NDP, the Liberals and the Bloc together is Harper. If he resigns they'll have no reason to form a coalition."

Then the Toronto Illiterati, and the Libs, and the Socialists, and the Separatists should be in charge of picking the leader of the conservatives because that is the only way they will ever be satisfied, apart from being in power themselves.

"And as 62% didn't vote for the conservatives how is it democratic to have them in power?"

Cause that's the way the system works tootz, I didn't hear you complaining when Chretien had "majority" after "majority" with only 40% of the vote.

Anyways, the leaders of the so-called coalition can stew until January 26th now, then they can ignore what the budget says and just bring down the government out of spite, which was realy their plan from the beginning.

The Jaeger said...

Hurmmm... my problem is I take this politics shite too seriously... sorry about the "tootz" comment... I'll get back to Otaku USA now...

Emma said...

You called it a "Coup d'ete" it's not that, but I see you didn't dwell on that point.

You also assume this is an "East/West" power thing, it's not that either. It's only an "East/West" power thing for Alberta it seems.

You also assume that I'm a liberal and supported Chretien - bad assumption on your part.

And how can you call me tootz (apology aside), lecture me on how the system works, when a coalition is also "how the system works" is beyond me. You can't pick and choose the parts of the system you want. And the system isn't overturning your votes, the CPC will still be in the government, they'll still have the most seats, the MP's you elected will still be there, so you'll still be more than properly represented.

The big difference here is that if the shoe was on the other foot and it was conservatives striking a coalition with the bloc (which despite what you say, has been planned, and offered before http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20081203.wquebec1203/BNStory/National/home or is the Globe and Mail a part of the Toronto Illiterati? Tell, what news source will you accept and I'll find something to support the assertion that Harper suggested coalitions with the bloc in 2000 and 2004) sure the opposition would protest and would rally against it, thats politics, but there would be an acknowlegdment about the legitimacy and legality of it, no one would call it "treason" or "illegal". Because it is legal and it is legitimate and it's been done before!

All your rant is showing is the blantant east-hatred I encountered over and over again when I lived there. I didn't understand it then. I don't understand it know. The "East" doesn't hate you, doesn't want your jobs, and doesn't think you're less than them.

And for the record, I voted for the Reform party once upon at time. I also voted libertarian too. I'm not a party supporter, I'm an independant thinker who votes for the party that addresses the issues I have at that time.

Whatever, this conversation is pointless if not held in the ship.

The Jaeger said...

On that last point, you are absolutely correct. I hate conversing with someone when I can't see them face to face, hear the tone in their voice, or buy them a drink. Godsdam I miss hanging out with you at The Ship...

Emma said...

Ha, you'll just have to come east sometime! ;p

Manganic said...

Constitutionally, if the Association of Socialists and Separatists succeeds in defeating the Government in January (and I don't think they will) the Governor-General will have no real option but to call an election.

You see, once a government is formed, if the G-G tries to ask the Leader of the Opposition to form a Government, she is removing legislative power from the hands of the elected government and placing it back in the hands of the Crown. This is something a king lost his head over way back in the day.

Some people have tried to use the David Peterson/Bob Rae agreement of 1985 in Ontario as a precedent, but it doesn't apply in this case - Miller was defeated on the Throne Speech immediately after an election. Thus, his government was never actually ratified by the Ontario Legislature, and the Lieutennant Governor was well within his rights in that case to ask Peterson to attempt to form a government.

Jaeger is right - this is nothing more than a desparate power-grab engineered by the opposition. It was planned immediately after the last election, however Layton failed to get enough votes to actually defeat the Conservatives in the vote that actually mattered - the Throne Speech immediately after the last election.

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