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Detroit (AP) Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy, aka Puffy, aka P-Diddy, aka Diddy, the mastermind behind such marketing gimmicks as Sean John, and Jack Johnson clothing, has unleashed his latest consumer assault with the introduction of the “Diddy Edition” Hummer at the Detroit Auto Show. GM spokesman Len Finklestien had this to say about the new vehicle: “This is to be a Limited Edition SUV. Only 2500 will be produced for the North American market, and we’ve already sold the first 1000 in sight-unseen pre-orders.”

The so-called “Diddy Edition” Hummer is a stretch limo style SUV measuring a staggering 42.7 feet making it not only the largest production vehicle ever made, but with it’s 900 thousand dollar price-tag it’s also the most expensive. For your 900 grand you get an SUV with 14 Karat Gold electro-plated body panels, diamond encrusted 22 inch reciprocating rims on all four corners, as well as an all Corinthian Leather interior, full bar, satellite system with 42 inch plasma display, and last but not least, a four person hot tub. Oh, and a diamond encircled rear view mirror.

When Mr. Combs was asked why anyone (including himself) would need such an ostentatious display of wealth just to drive to the local liquor store, he replied: “Yo, I jes keepin’ it real, knowhadamsayin’?”

The “Diddy Edition” Hummer will be available third quarter 2008.

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