Friday Afternoon Fukitz

Went for lunch on Friday with the boss.

I learned long ago never to say “no thank you” when the boss axes you to come out because it inevitably means a free meal is on the menu.

Caught a ride with Luke in his super cool MAZDA 6 and we tore down MacLeod, passing everyone what gets in our way. The car corners like its on rails and goes real fast-like.

Soon we are at the pub. It’s a grubby little sports bar in the Carriage House Hotel called Peanuts. On every table are several little plastic dishes of peanuts, all salted in the shell and delicious-like.

Everyone is already @ the table when Luke, Johnny, and I arrive and we are immediately set upon by a middle aged waitress before we even have time to remove our coats. I bumble my way through ordering the “special” (steak sand, medium) and a Kilkenny. I’ve always been of the opinion that life is too short to drink crap beer, especially when the company is footin’ the bill.
The drinks arrived and fifteen minutes later the food comes. As my blunted, can’t-cut-for-toffee, dull-ass steak knife hacks and slashes through the grey/pink/grill marked hunk of shoe-leather that passes for meat at this place, I’m reminded of the thick, juicy slab of rare PrimeRib™ I had the night before @ Vki’s company X-mas party. “Now that was a fine piece of melt-in-your-mouth goodness” I’m thinking as the first piece of Special-of-the-Day steak sand disappears into my gob.

My day dreams of delicious PrimeRib™ shatter into a billion exploding, razor-sharp, shards of reality as I find myself chewing, and chewing, and chewing, and freaking chewing this gristly chunk of meat-like substance.


On the upside, the beer was creamy and delicious, and the chips were thick-cut and crispy good, and by the time we got back to the office, the day was more than half gone! Huzzah!

The moral of the story is:

Stir, whip!

Stir, whip!

Whip, whip, stir!




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Lupin The Great said...

I like the new look for the blog. Having a hottie in the corner is a good idea as well. :)

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