Silent Night, Spooky Night

Saturday was the 3rd annual Vki N’ J-grr Halloween Party and for those of you choads who missed out, well you really missed out!

This year’s party rocked all sorts of roll and all the costumes were awesome. I wowed all with my fantastic pirate costume and Vki scared party goers with her spooky Death Jr. outfit complete with glowing scythe.

Films for the night included Nightmare Before X-mas, From Hell, Corpse Bride, and the uber-spooky Ju-on 2.

Drinks flowed and pumpkins were gutted left and right before the festivities came to an end sometime after midnight with a few rounds of Katamari on the PS2.

Hopefully, I’ll have some pics up on Photobucket™ in the next week or so to show those were not there the glory that they missed out on.


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