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This is the new blog site, note the new link! You can still read the old stuff on the old blog site for a limited time while I figure out how to make this the best blog Jaeger can make it. My keyboard is glitched right now so I cannot use proper punctuation without some goodam French crap coming up. If I try to do an apostrophy, I get this: è and if I try to put in Quotes I get this: È. So bear with me until Ive fixed that.

Here is a thought, well rant really, to tide you over...

Got kind the other night, kind of enraged that is! I was watching CNBC and they had a program called Cover To Cover where they were interviewing Tatum ONeil. She was the youngest actress to get an Oscar for her performance in Paper Moon when she was like, ten. Was in a bunch of flicks in the seventies, and she married John McEnroe the tennis player. She was also a celebrity drug addict for the eighties and nineties.

Anyway, like all celebrity drug addicts shes gone through rehab and now shes clean so what is the first thing she does, well write a book of course! And of course it has publishers fighting to pay her a six or seven figure advance to aquire the rights.

Dont get me wrong, I dont begrudge her the personal therapy shes getting from writing a book about how hard her life was being a rich, academy award winning movie star in the seventies, and how tough it must have been for her living in that Malibu beach house with her rich movie star father Ryan ONeil. The problem I have is with these publishers giving huge BANK to rich celebrities who they consider HEROS now because they kicked their drug habits

I cant help but think how many real artists like myself could get properly published if the book companies gave more than a passing glance to our woks insted of being blinded by the dollar signs that pop up in front of their eyes every time some celeb sob story crosses their desk.

Celebrities that write books bitching about what a tough life they had being rich and famous can shampoo my crotch.

Quote de Jour

I have no respect for people with no shopping agenda.

-Ben Affleck

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