Happy Earth Day to all you grubby, lazy, socialist, hippy, sandal-wearing whiners and global warming, fear-mongering liars!

It's FREEZING here in Calgary and since Friday we've had about a foot of snow! Huzzah!

For everyone else out there not caught up in the lie of global warming, Happy Earth Day! Well all know that Mankind's influence on the climate is insignificant at best, and it is BEYOND ARROGANCE to believe that humans could destroy anything as gigantic, complex, and powerful as the Planet Earth.

Remember when a well-paid, mouth-piece like David Suzuki spouts off about how "doomed" we are he is no different than some nutcase fundementalist preacher screaming "Repent sinners! The End is Near!" And the preacher probably has more evidence to prove his point!

But what the hell!

Make up your own mind, don't just take Al Gore's word for it! He's a millionare who made heaps off this global warming scam!

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