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The Transformers
Directed By Michael Bay

More than meets the eye indeed.

Ever since this flick was green-lit the Bot Choad Fanboys have been blasting this flick, picking apart every aspect of it from the choice of director, to casting, right down to character design. One moron choadling even posted a primitive animation on Youtube™ featuring a pre-production drawing of Megatron transforming into a steaming coiler.

It’s puzzling to me how much hatred this flick attracted by so-called “hard-core Transformer fans” before a single frame of film was even shot. It’s not like Transformers is a cultural phenomenon that has stood the test of time like Star Wars. Indeed, the Transformers was at its heart really nothing more than a series of twenty-two minute toy commercials, that were for the most part filled with mediocre, sometimes glitchy animation. Not that I didn’t like it, in fact it amused me, and I am not easily amused. The Marvel comic book series was a little better sometimes, but often fell into the trap of introducing a new character (based of course on whatever was new on the toy shelves that month), having them say who they were and what their personality was, fighting, then disappearing from the series by the next issue. I ask again: why so much vitriol?

Hey Bot Choad Fanboys, I have a message for you: move out of your parent’s basements and get over yourselves!

The flick is pretty good actually, with decent performances by both its human and robot cast. Its not a masterpiece by any stretch, but the action is insane, relentless, and at times breathtaking. There is a lot more humor in the flick than I was expecting, which actually made me enjoy the flick a little more, as too often in the past Bay tends to take himself WAY too seriously.

So apart from the ham-fisted “love story” element of the flick, and the bombastically over-scored soundtrack that is prevalent in every Michael Bay movie, I can’t think of a lot of negative things to say about it. Sure Bay is a hack, but he does know how to shoot action sequences, and really its not every day one sees a Mountain Dew™ soda machine turn into a robot and start kicking ass.

If you are going to see this flick, you have already made the mental decision that you are not expecting Citizen fucking Kane. The flick has explosions, gunfights, car chases, explosions, and giant freaking robots kicking tailgate.

Its what I expected to see, and exactly what I got.

A Four out of Five.

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