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Los Angeles (AP) Yet another person has thrown their “hat” into the ring and is claiming to be the father of Anna-Nicole Smith’s baby.

Canadian writer/artist J.C. Hunter came forward Wednesday basing his paternal claim on a “tryst” he allegedly had with the buxom model.

“I really thought it was the right thing to do, coming forward, considering there is a very good possibility that I am the Father.” Hunter said in a press conference Wednesday from his loft in Calgary, Canada.

His on-again, off-again girlfriend, Latina Pop-singer Shakira, had this to say when given the news: “It does not surprise me. He is extremely virile, but also a cheating bastard. But that is what I love about him.”

Anna-Nicole Smith’s boyfriend, Attorney Howard K. Stern is quoted in Variety as saying: “This is turning into a freaking circus! Everyone knows I’m the true father and when the DNA tests come in, I am going to sue every one of the cocksuckers that claimed otherwise.

A Paternal DNA test is scheduled for Monday.

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Lupin The Great said...

I'm throwing my hat into the ring. The baby is actually mine.

Where's my billion dollars now?

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