An X-mas Message

So I’m driving to the bank today, X-mas day, to deposit a cheque and as I’m zooming through the nearly empty streets a thought comes to mind. A thought that this will be probably very close to what life will be like when that “future global catastrophe,” whatever that may be, wipes out nearly 90% of the human population.

Who knows when the Religious nutters in the Middle East will finally have the weapons to utterly destroy us infidels in the Free World? Or even, Dog forbid, if crazy Al Gore (Emperor of the Moon) is right and we are in for a natural disaster the world hasn’t seen since the Biblical myth of the “Great Flood.”

Who knows? I suppose anything is possible in an infinite universe. I picture the world very much like it is today; strip malls, and parking lots deserted, very few cars on the road, an inordinate number of motorcyclists out on the dust caked streets, and no one out for a stroll.

Whatev. Just a couple of happy, random thoughts for everyone on this X-mas day, 2006.

1 comment:

Lupin The Great said...

I've already started planning on it.

When the zombies finally rise up and walk the land, I'll be holed up in the San Francisco Mint armed to the teeth.


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