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The Outfit

XBOX 360

Relic Entertainment and

I got this game for free when I bought
Gears of War and decided to give it a go first because I figured it would be and easier game. Guess what? It is!

The premise is a simple one (aren’t they all?): you play as one of three American Specialist Soldiers in Nazi occupied France (we surrender!) during WWII. Kind of like “The A-Team” if there was a video game based on that. All three men are (of freaking course) the “best of the best” at what they do. It’s cheesy, but can be fun, in a simple sort of way.

The game play is easy and the graphics, especially the backgrounds, are quite nice, maybe not as “next gen” as they could be, but they still beat the hell out of Perfect Dark Zero, a game that to spite it’s obvious flaws, I still like a whole lot better than The Outfit.

There is some occasional lag during some of the more clusterfucky game play situations, but for the most part it plays fairly smooth-like. There are, however a shitload of collision problems, some resulting in AI enemies being able to shoot through solid walls to destroy you, and even one extreme case, of an AI enemy that walked through a big ass rock, shot my character dead, and at the same time was somehow impervious to being destroyed. I guess the AI thought I was just shooting the rock. . .

There are some fun elements to the game which include Squad command, where you can order you minions to attack installations for you, huck tear gas at “those Nazi bastards” and entrench themselves behind cover, but these commands are only available at certain times during game play, like whenever the AI randomly decides to let you.

My favourite feature has to be the Destruction On Demand, which is kind of like Video on Demand, except instead of ordering a movie on your digital cable box, you can parachute in men and equipment to your position, as well as raining down hellish death from above onto the heads of the Nazi enemy with an air strike.

All in all the game is all right, pretty much anything in the environment is destructible in some way, from trees to fences, civilian vehicles and churches, BUT I will say this: if I had not gotten this game as a free pack-in with G.O.W, I never would have looked twice at it, so interpret that as you will.

Two Screaming SS Officers out of Five

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Lupin The Great said...

Do you have an XBox360?

I want to pick up Gears of War, but I'm not allowed to buy any new games until after XMas.

It would be cool as hell to team up on Gears of War!

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