Things That Make Me Seeth On My Commute...

Can’t Read Guy

You know this guy, the one that pulls up to a light in the left lane and decides he wants to turn left across traffic even though the sign says: NO LEFT TURNS 15:00 – 18:00.
I hate this guy! And you know you do too.

No Signal Guy

The stupid ASSS who pulls up to a red light, waits for it to turn green, then he pulls slowly forward, not signaling for his left turn. For this guy the punishment should be execution. On the spot. First offence. No fracking mercy.

Last Second Signal Guy

(I know I’ve used the term “guy” for all these fuckwads, but they could just as easily be a girl.)

The guy that drives up to the red light, waits for it to turn green, then puts on his stupid signal light!!!!! MAKE UP YOUR FRACKING MIND IN ADVANCE ASSWIPE OR GET OFF THE FRACKING ROAD!!!!!

That’s all for today, but if I die before we meet again, “remember me as I was: filled with murderous rage!*”

Oh yeah, and to all you J-walking pedestians and pretty much all bicyclists: Wake the fuck up, or stay the fuck home!!

*Homer Simpson

1 comment:

Lupin The Great said...

How about "guy who doesn't know where he's going?", so he trolls down residential streets 10 under the posted limit slowling down even more at each intersection while cars pile up behind him.

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