New Orleans Destroyed

Tropical storm Katrina has blown through and 80% of New Orleans is now under water. Thousands have lost everything, including their lives.

I don't really know what to say about this except that this category five tropical storm (only the third time in recorded history such a storm has made landfall in North America) has once again brought out the best, and the worst in humanity.

While Red Cross volunteers all over North America have mobilized and are risking life and limb to help people who have lost everything, looters are running free through sections of the city that are not completely submerged.

Oh, yeah, and the Big Oil Companies have seen this tragedy as an opportunity to screw consumers again and have already instantaneously raised gasoline prices at the pump an additional 20cents a litre not only in the U.S , but Canada as well.

I just have to shake my head.

Those who know me know that I am no socialist pinko, but when a category five storm leads to a category five fleesing of the consumer, gets me thinking that maybe we need the government to step in and say "no more." But of course this will never happen, because the more we pay for gas, the more Emperor Martin and his cronies make.

Oh, well.


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Lupin The Great said...

Go smoke a fatty hippy. :)

And update your site more often Jaeger!

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