Shite Jaeger Likes

-Tina Turner in her chainmail bustier/dress/armour from Thunderdome. Mmmm, post-apocalyptic push-up bra.

-Star Wars, nothin' but Star Wars, nothin' but Star Wars, alla the time! Bill Murray sang this song, back when SNL was funny...

-Weekends, except for Sunday night when that nasty "Oh shit I gotta be at work in twelve hours" feeling comes over me.

-The hour or so I can keep my home office tidy before The Grrl messes it up again.

-Words like alurring, and feh, and brainmeats.

-The phrase: "Stomp a mudhole in yer behind!"

-Lastly and most importantly, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, for TOYS, TOYS, TOYS!

1 comment:

Lupin The Great said...

You forgot to add the joy of having Family Guy back on the air.

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