New Season, New Adventures

It’s been far too long (like almost HBO long) between the end of the last series and now so lets get to it, beginning with 2012 @ a Glance. On Jan 26, 2012 with almost record low -36c weather the Big Green Escape, after many years of service and many thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance, called it quits.

This takes us to Feb 8, 2012 and I’m changing over laundry when (of course) the dryer burned out 30 seconds into the cycle, forcing us to pack up the wet clothes and head down the street to the Laundromat. The horror, the horror…

Then a full TWO months of peace and tranquility was enjoyed before the clutch in the Focus began showing signs of failure, less than six months after replacing the alternator. It would ultimately fail during the first week of June!

July 11, 2012 the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything turns out to be 42.

August 10th was not to be out-done by June so that was the day the starter in the Focus decided it had had enough and burned out! And we found out that due to a public sector bureaucrat’s error, we are now being audited on our last five years of tax returns, as they apparently want to claw back on our GST rebates!  I guess they need the money for the billion dollar unfunded liability that is their golden parachute pensions!  Yeah, stick it to the man! Oh, wait…

A stress free September almost had me sleeping through the night until Oct 4th when a bearing went on the rear driver side on the Focus.

Only two months left in the year! What could be next? Only my undertaker knows for sure, but I will let my three readers know that the Season 2 Premiere of Lond Ho Adventures is THIS SUNDAY! That’s right finally you get to learn the fate of Hunter and Bill in their run-in with the Triads! Watch this space on Sunday October 14th for the conclusion of Lager Quest, then tune in November 10th for the first in a New set of adventures for Hunter and Bill to begin stumbling their way through in Part 1 of May Long!

The writer(s) will be trying their best to finally make Lond Ho Adventures a Monthly Feature, but we NEED your help! Become a follower convince your family, friends, and enemies to become followers, as CMBZ is nothing without YOU!

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