Moving, Moving, Moving... AiYa!

Rollergrrl Vki and I were in the right place at the right time this year and the upshot of it all is we were able to buy a place. A nice, semi-detached townhouse on the ridge

Most of our crap is in storage as the Grrl is determined to get every room painted before anything else is done. All I can do is steam in my own stress juices and wait for the other shoe to fall. The Grrl is convinced that there will be no shoe, but I am less than optimistic.

Things just aren’t moving fast enough for my ass. Every second I wait in the basement wondering if someone is going to knock on the door and kick my ass out of the place, telling me I don’t belong, that the world has no use for Children dressed like Adults playing house.

But we’re not playing are we. We actually bought a place. In this artificially over inflated real estate market we managed to get lucky.

I still can’t stop worrying. The stress and panic creeping into my guts when I pull out the key to a place that until recently belonged to the Grrlz sister.

Ah well… I’m sure someday I’ll get over it…



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