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Day 2

May 24, 2K7

I wandered about in a daze for what seemed like hours, but was in reality maybe twenty minutes, my optical nerves in overdrive as my brain-meats attempted to take in and make sense of the visual noise caused by thousands of filthy humans, and EVERY Star Wars item, from vintage to modern, that one could possibly imagine. And I can imagine quite a bit.

I caught up with Kris a little while later at the line-up to see the artist Dave Dorman. He bought a couple of items and had them signed, as well as getting an original sketch done. We wandered over to the artist alley and checked out some of the work for sale. I was tempted to buy something until I found out from one of the artists that we weren’t allowed to just give them the money for pieces.

“What’s the dealioo?” I axed, and she pointed me towards YET ANOTHER HUGE LINE of geeks, three deep, that led from one end of the alley all the way to the exit, where one person at a cash register slowly rang people through. NO. No more fucking line-ups today thank you very much! I turned around and found that I had lost Kris somewhere within the thick mass of humans.

As they day continued I caught up with a few of me Fan Force buds once or twice, but never for more than a few minutes at a time.

I made my way over to the Droid Builder’s room and checked out the Astromechs, and other robots, (there was even a Tom Servo!) and met Will O’Neil from Attack of the Show. He was in between set-ups for the Star Wars at 30 special for G4TV’s Attack of the Show that was to be shot live from Celebration IV on Friday.

Fighting my way through the crowds I found my way to the Lucasfilm archives and drooled over all the cool stuff. From the original Boba Fett costume, to the parka worn by Harrison Ford during filming of The Empire Strikes Back. Wheeee! There was so much cool stuff, I had to walk around twice just to take it all in.

Near the end of the day I found myself at the Celebration Store, and there was (prepare yourself) NO LINE UP! So I just walked in, grabbed the convention exclusive McQuarrie R2-D2 and C-3PO exclusive figures (one set to open, and one to display), a set of CIV dog tags.

Before taking off I decided to head back to the Main Hall for one last spin and ran into Olivia Munn and an Attack of the Show film crew shooting an insert scene for Friday’s program. Olivia was dressed in the Slave Leia costume and striking down some hooded choad with a Force FX light saber, over and over, and over (seven or eight takes) until it was right.

Mere minutes passed before I ran into Chapter Rep Ryan and we grabbed the #4 shuttle back to the Sheraton.

The total after one day: $150 on toys and crap, $30 on foodstuffs (a weeks worth of Beef Jerky and Red Bull).

Not bad, but the best was yet to come…

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