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Some Things About the Star Wars Expanded Universe That Suck Ass

- The “NJO”

They kill off Chewbacca in the first book, and it’s all downhill from there. These books were the last nails in the coffin of Star Wars novels for me.

- “Ewok Adventures”

Mediocre animation by Nelvana and writing so bad it would insult the intelligence of a six-month old. The less said about this hideous abomination the better.

- “Lusanka”

A super star destroyer “prison” hidden in the streets of Coruscant. A planet of 20 billion and they somehow manage to “hide” a super star destroyer on it? Uh, I think not. Other than that, most of those Rogue Squadron books were half decent.

- “Planet of Twilight”

I saved the worst for last. Force sucking bugs, Princess Leia kidnapped AGAIN, and a whole lot of suckage. Its hard to believe the powers that be let Barbra Hambly anywhere near the Star Wars Universe after the fanfic crap that was “Children of the Jedi,” but here it is in all its ass-sucking glory! The writing is poor at best, and the story makes any Michael Bay flick look like Hamlet by comparison. Without a doubt the Worst Novel In The Entire E.U.

Some Things About the S.W. E.U. That I Like

- “Clone Wars”

Slick, sharp, and fun animation from Grenndy Tartakovsky, combined with good story telling. This IS what Star Wars on TV should be! I can hardly wait until the new series comes out next year.

- “Droids – The Animated Series”

Mediocre animation from Nelvana, and somewhat hokey, but decent storytelling, and the fact that it felt like it belonged in the Star Wars Universe is its saving grace.

- “The Republic Commando Novels”

Karen Traviss puts a gritty military realism to these Clone Wars era books that is a welcome addition to the Star Wars Universe, and her expansion of the Mando Mythos is awesome. The first in the series, “Hard Target” renewed my enthusiasm for the E.U.

- “The Thrawn Trilogy”

Even though some of the things in these books have been proven wrong by the Prequel Flicks, this three-book cycle single handedly brought Star Wars back from the depths of pop-culture obscurity in the early nineties. The story was solid, interesting, and it felt like it could have been episodes 7, 8, and 9.

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