Beggars Can Be Choosers

It was, about quarter to ten on Good Friday 2K6 and the streets were mostly deserted with the exception of a couple of cutie-pie joggers and three Asian Hotties.

I can feel the coffee sloshing around in my guts as I press on down 11 avenue rehearsing in my head what I’m going to say to the first bum that tries to talk some money out of me.

I’m going to tell him that I’ve already given him money this month through the highest Federal taxes in the free world, but alas no one harasses me today. Yet.

So I decide to head downtown to buy some socks for the upcoming trip to visit me ole pal McBain (aka Lupin) when around 8th avenue and 6th street, this scruffy looking guy grabs my time and attention for a five minute tale of tear-jerkin’ woe which of course ends in the inevitable holding out of the hand and demanding my change.

I must admit his story sounded reasonable, so I reached into me pocket to let him have whatever I might have in my pocket that on this day amounted to a little less than one dollar in mixed change.
To this, the bum snorts: “Yeah, I really need LOONIES and TWONIES.” I tell him it’s all I’ve got and he stomps away as if I just shit in his cereal and told him it was brown sugar.

I suppose beggars CAN be CHOOSERS after all!

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